Three Simple Ways to Ensure a Quick (and Profitable) Sale


Autumn will soon be upon us and things are starting to get excessively busy again. The kids are back in school, football and tailgating every Sunday and the holidays are fast approaching. Oh and yes, you are wanting to sell your home in the not-to- distant future. With all the flurry of activities going on, you wonder where to even start in preparing your home for the market. It can seem overwhelming and you may be tempted to opt for that low ball offer, just to be finished with the process. Take heart, however, we’ve compiled a quick list of three ways, to ensure a quick and profitable sale.

1. Sell At The Right Time

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If you are able and willing, to wait until Spring to sell your home, you are already starting out on the right foot. Research shows that homebuyers are more likely to purchase a home during the spring and early summer season, because they are wanting to be settled prior to the busyness of fall and winter. Research also shows that you will get a higher price for your home if you sell it in the spring. Who doesn’t want to garner the highest price possible? On top of selling in the prime timeframe to earn top dollar, waiting to sell also allows you the benefit of time. This period of waiting, will allow you to leisurely make improvements to your home, while juggling all the aspects of your schedule and will make for a smoother, less stressful and more profitable outcome. Because after all, time means money, right?

2. Upgrade The Kitchen

As crazy as this may sound, the kitchen is actually one of the biggest selling points of a home.

Upgrading the kitchen doesn’t always mean gutting it and starting from scratch. Some relatively inexpensive but very effective ways of upgrading include:

  • Changing your cabinet hardware. Think knobs and pulls
  • Giving your cabinets a fresh coat of stain or paint, to make the space feel new & brighter.
  • Installing a new, modern faucet.
  • Changing the light fixtures and while you’re at it, switch the lightbulbs from fluorescent to LED. This will give a natural light look, brighten the space, make it seem bigger.

These will pay big dividends for you in the end. Of course, if budget allows, new flooring, countertops and appliances, will give you an even bigger edge, in the race to sell your home. Ask your realtor for advice. They are experts and can help guide you through the best upgrades to focus on, based on the location, pricepoint and the target market interests.

Ask your realtor for advice. They are experts and can help guide you through the best upgrades to focus on, based on the location, pricepoint and the target market interests.

3. Curb Appeal Matters

Curb appeal is something vitally important to the success of selling your home.

The outside is the first impression a buyer has of your home. You may have a stellar interior, but if the outside is lacking, it’s highly likely the buyer will pass you by. A fresh coat of paint, helps freshen the exterior of the house and/or fencing around your property, without breaking your budget. Treating your lawn for pests that may invade and create chaos, nurturing brown patches back to vibrancy and planting some bright and cheerful flowers, is a simple but very effective way to create a paradisiacal and inviting look to your home’s exterior. If you have a pool, making sure that it stays serviced and sparkling clear, is also a vital key to a successful sale.

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